The creamy low carb yoghurt bomb with fruit is one of my favorite summer desserts. Fresh, fruity and refreshing.

Low Carb yoghurt bomb - creamy and fruity

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On weekends, we always treat ourselves to a delicious dessert after lunch. I'm not the cupcake fan as most of the cakes are too powerful for me, especially in summer. For yogurt with fruits, however, I am always available. That's why the creamy Low Carb yoghurt bomb is one of my favorite summer desserts. Fresh, fruity, refreshing and made fast!

Low Carb Yoghurt Bomb

I discovered the recipe for the yoghurt bomb some time ago with the chef and since then have prepared several times. For you today's Low Carb and Weight Watchers-friendly variant of the popular yogurt dessert. A delicious recipe for the whole family and guaranteed to be an eye-catcher at any party.

For yoghurt bombs you just need five ingredients and your favorite summer fruits (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries or blackberries). The fluffy yoghurt cream is made from Greek yoghurt (you can also use other yogurts), Rama creamfine, birch sugar (xylitol), ground vanilla and lemon mash.

Birch sugar is really a great sugar alternative that even helps To prevent tooth decay. Especially for children a great way to sweeten desserts and cakes.

The preparation of the yoghurt bomb is quick and easy. However, you should prepare your yoghurt dessert the day before, as it must be cold for at least 10 hours. That's the only way the bomb will be nice. Incidentally, instead of traditional sugar, I use Xucker Light for 0 SmartPoints for this recipe.

Yoghurt bomb - the eye-catcher at any party

The creamy dessert is not only delicious, it also looks very pretty and is GUARANTEED the eye-catcher on every summer party. You can decorate your little yogurt cake at will.Allowed is what tastes and what your fridge is about:)


Low Carb Yogurt Bomb with Strawberry Sauce
Preparation time
15 Min.
The low carb yoghurt bomb with Strawberry Sauce (Weight Watchers suitable) tastes wonderfully refreshing and is a delicious summer dessert for the whole family.Mix yoghurt, birch sugar, vanilla and lemon. Beat the cream stiffly and fold in.
  • Cover a pasta strainer with a clean dish towel and place in a larger bowl. (The bowl serves to drain off the excess liquid.) Fill the yoghurt mass into the colander and refrigerate overnight.

  • Drop the yogurt bomb on a plate the next day.

  • For the strawberry sauce, thaw the strawberries, purée and, if necessary, pass through a sieve. Then mix with the powder-Xucker. Garnish the yoghurt bomb with any fruit and strawberry sauce.
  • 5 Weight Watchers SmartPoints per person, if you use Greek yoghurt with low fat and Xucker light (=> wprm-recipe-header wprm-color-header)> Good to know 0 SmartPoints).
    Xucker Light 1kg Erythritol, calorie-free, naturally without genetic engineering in the tin - tooth-friendly , gluten-free and vegan - from the EU *
    Xucker - Food & Beverage
    from 9,90 EUR
    herbal shop real birch sugar (xylitol), natural sugar substitute without corn from Finland (1 x 1kg) * - Food & Beverage
    13,95 EUR
    Xucker Powder Sugar 700g from Erythritol - Calorie-free powdered sugar substitute without sugar *> Xucker - Food & Beverages
    10,79 EUR
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    49,90 EUR

    Enjoy the low carb yogurt bomb!


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