Sweet spread to sweet bread tastes particularly delicious, such as the healthy fruit bread with spelled wholemeal flour - my new winter breakfast favorite.

Wintery fruit bread with cottage cheese oil dough

At the weekend, I like the extensive breakfast with the whole family especially - No stress, but with a lot of goodies, such as this Christmas fruit bread with cottage cheese dough ! The bread tastes wonderfully fruity and is also very popular with children.

Wintery fruit bread with cottage cheese Oil dough

Our Advent Breakfast

During the week I usually eat a quick porridge with fruit in the morning. And mostly even in front of the computer while I plan my work for the day. But if I have time at the weekend, my favorite meal of the day may be a bit more extensive and comfortable. On the Advent Sundays we like to sit for several hours at the dining table. With Christmas songs in the background, Advent calendar content on the table and lots of goodies.

 recipe for winter fruit bread with quark oil batter

I'm more of a hearty guy and would even beat meatballs in the morning. And do you know my spinach salmon roll? My highlight at all times. My men, on the other hand, are absolute sweetmouths. The fruit bread with mixed dried fruits and nuts really like both. Preferably with a thick layer of butter and jam.

And my heart beats a little higher with the fruity-crunchy bread. It tastes really good!

Recipe for healthy fruit bread

Fruit bread with quark oil batter

The fruit bread is made super fast and after an hour of baking oven-fresh on the breakfast table. There are no limits to the selection of dried fruits and nuts. Give what you like in the dough or what your pantry just gives me :) I have used for my fruit bread figs, apricots, dates, walnuts, almonds and cashews.

The bread is through the Quark- The inside of the oil dough is fluffy and the outside is wonderfully crispy.Then fold in the dried fruits and the chopped nuts.

  • Grease a box mold with butter. Fill the dough into the mold and bake the fruit bread for about 60 minutes. Cover with aluminum foil half way through the baking time.

  • Take the bread out of the mold and let it cool.

  • Let it taste good and have a wonderful breakfast time!

    Healthy Fruit Bread for Advent Sunday

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