Mueslicups are small edible muesli dishes from the muffin form. A great way to combine the beloved muesli with yoghurt and sweet fruits.

Edible cerealups for breakfast

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Are you a breakfast cereal and can not you be fruity enough? Then you'll love these edible cerealups with berries, Greek yogurt and Fruttissima from Schwartau * ♥ A wonderful change from the classic muesli.

 Edible granola cups with yoghurt and blueberries

 Edible cereal bowls with berries

Muesli rolls for breakfast

Muesli loups are small edible cereal bowls made from muffins. A great way to combine the beloved muesli with yoghurt and sweet fruits. Not only are the little works of art healthy and delicious, they also make a treat on the breakfast table.

 Recipe for edible breakfast cereals

Edible muesli-tops with berries and fruttissima

The edible cereal bowls are great to prepare the night before and then fill to your heart's content the day after. In the fridge, the sweet cups can even be kept for several days. But not with me, because they also taste great for coffee or as a snack in between. They were gone - not 30 minutes after baking ... I'll probably have to do it more often! :)

Recipe for healthy crunchy peels with fruits

Fruttissima - for fruity-tasty cerealups

The small crunchy bowls of 5-grain and soy flakes, banana, maple syrup and grated coconut, with the right stuffing, turn into a fruity breakfast delight that is guaranteed to please everyone! Fruttissima is great because it tastes so deliciously fruity!Stir well.

  • Press edge to make small bowls.
  • Bake in the oven for 20 - 30 minutes until the cups have the desired tan.
  • Let cool with Greek yoghurt, fruttissima and Fill berries.
  • Good to know

    The recipe yields 6-8 cerealups.

     breakfast muffins with fruttissima from Schwartau
    Avocado and Coconut Smoothie

    For a sweet breakfast I had an avocado and coconut smoothie. Wonderfully refreshing and wonderfully fruity. For the smoothie, simply puree the avocado flesh with 200 ml coconut milk, crushed ice and 3 tbsp Fruttissima raspberry. Hmmm, yum!

    Enjoy the sweet breakfast!

    Smoothie with pineapple, coconut milk and raspberry

    Edible cereal bowls with fruity filling

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