Tom and I love to play outside and eat fresh fruits and vegetables most of the time. My tips for a healthy immune system can be found here.

Strengthen the immune system - Healthy in the cold season

We had such a nice sunny weekend in Cologne and even t-shirt weather in the middle of October. I can not believe that the summer is over soon. Feels like Tom and I last week together in the pool and planned barefoot across the meadow. And now we soon jump with rubber boots through the puddles and dance through the rain. Tom and I just love to spend our free time out in the fresh air and even the rainiest of mists will not keep us from our urge to go outside. Today I brought you my tips for a strong immune system.

Healthy and fit through the cold season

Since his birth, Tom was the one now already grown up to a 1 ½-year-old toddler, only three times caught a cold. He has definitely inherited the good defenses from me, because I was really sick before my pregnancy in the winter of 2015. Not only fresh air is incredibly important to us and a strong weapon for good defenses. Healthy diet and many vitamins definitely also contribute a lot to our good immune system.

Feasting on Fruits and Vegetables

Especially with Tom I pay attention to a varied and vitamin-rich diet. He can eat his fill of fresh fruits and vegetables at any time and he loves his daily fruit portions with grapes, raspberries, bananas and Blueberries. However, he has not quite come up with the taste of vegetables yet. Of course he likes vegetable sauces of any kind for his beloved noodles and zucchini on his pizza.Try to play outside at least once a day, even in bad weather. Fresh air, cold, rain and storm strengthen the body's defenses.

Healthy Eating

We plan to include five servings of fruit and vegetables a day in our diet. Happy even more. :) Of course I do not look that accurate. In addition, I try to drink a lot throughout the day. On the sweet water, juice spritzers or tea. And in the morning, a freshly squeezed orange juice may not be missing in the winter. I love it and Tom anyway!

Sufficient sleep

Sufficient sheep is as important in children as exercise in the fresh desire. We started teaching Tom a sleep rhythm early on. In the evening we have introduced a small bedtime ritual. So Tom knows that the game is over and looks forward to the subsequent cuddling and reading time with us.

No Exaggerated Hygiene

We always wash our hands when we leave the playground or come home from shopping. But I'm not overbearing. Toys do not need to be disinfected, and even if Tom wants to try and taste how sand and grass taste, he is welcome to do so. :)

My big boy, since August has gone into the kindergarten, has beaten so well so far and is still fit and lively.

And despite daily contact with children caught cold and the wet-cold weather. I sincerely hope that with plenty of fresh air, healthy nutrition and extra vitamins, we will continue to get healthy through the fall:)

Our favorite recipes for extra vitamin boost

Our favorite Winter Smoothie is a real powerhouse for a healthy immune system ,Peel the banana and wash the lamb's lettuce.I love this creamy version with honey, white wine vinegar and orange juice. The dressing fits almost all salads.

Fruity Salad Dressing with Orange Juice
Preparation time
5 Min.
dish: salad
Portions : 2 Portions
  • 2 EL White Wine Vinegar
  • 2 EL orange juice
  • 3 EL Rapeseed oil
  • 2 TL honey
  • salt
  • Pepper

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