I love this low carb cake with zucchini, apple and almonds. Wonderfully juicy, made fast and packed with good ingredients.

Low carb cake with zucchini, apple and almonds

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Baking and low carb - does it fit? And what does the zucchini do in the dough? Yeah, I know! When baking, many immediately think of wheat flour and tons of sugar. And vegetables in the dough sounds a little less appetizing. I can reassure you. But you should definitely try the super-juicy low carb cake with zucchini. A really fast, easy and incredibly delicious recipe.

Healthy Baking

I do not know about you, but cake and pies are often too powerful and too sweet for me ! But baking is also healthy! The baking recipes that you find on my blog meet my taste! It is sweetened with raw cane sugar, maple syrup, dates, bananas or apple pulp.

In my back category you will find sweet and savory recipes (also low carb baking recipes). I bake the delicious cinnamon balls very often at Christmas time. And if I'm asked for a healthy cake recipe for the birthday party, then I always recommend this fantastic carrot cake. And now, at Christmas time, a fruitcake should not be missed.

Low Carb Cake Step by Step

Wonderfully juicy and packed with healthy ingredients!

I love this fast and wonderfully juicy low carb cake. And do not worry, you will not even taste the zucchini at all.

For the low carb cake, first the zucchini are grated and an apple cut into small cubes. Then eggs, maple syrup, baking powder, ground vanilla and baking cocoa are stirred until frothy and mixed with ground almonds and zucchini. Finally, then the apple pieces are under the dough. The dough now comes in a baking pan, like this great silicone mold that I like to use.

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  • Lurch has been a manufacturer of FlexiForm silicone molds since 1999.If you want you can decorate it with chocolate and chopped almonds after baking.


    Low carb cake with zucchini, apple and almonds
    preparation time
    10 Min.
    Preparation time
    45 Min.
    working time
    55 Min.

    I love this low carb cake with zucchini, apple and almonds.

  • Grate the courgettes with water and a kitchen towel to squeeze. Peel and slice the apple.

  • Beat eggs, maple syrup, baking powder, ground vanilla, baking cocoa and cinnamon until foamy. Then stir in the zucchini grater and the ground almonds. Then fold in the pieces of apple.

  • Put the dough into one Fill the silicone baking pan and bake the cake for 45 minutes. After about half of the baking time cover the cake with aluminum foil, otherwise it will be too dark. Allow to cool in the mold.

  • For the glaze Melt couverture, coconut oil and maple syrup in a water bath. Pour the liquid chocolate over the cake. Then decorate it with chopped almonds. If the couverture is too firm, just fold in a little more coconut oil.

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Let's enjoy the delicious low carb cake!

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